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                                           Payment methods


To facilitate and better serve you, has the following payment methods:


♦ Virtual POS terminal - Credit or debit card VISA, MASTERCARD and Borika.

 This is a service that provides customer reliability and security.

 Payment of the product is made immediately.

 The company does not have the cardholder's personal data. Automatically follows the transfer to BORICA to execute the transaction.

 Reimbursement of partial or full amounts is only made on the card.



Through PayPal

You can pay your order via PayPal, an internationally recognized, certified and secure online payment platform. If you choose to pay your order via PayPal, the total amount of your order (including VAT and delivery and shipping charges) is paid without any other charge, commission, etc.


Please note that product returns will not be refunded unless you buy products of equal value and this does not include food categories where refunds are not accepted.