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Returns & Changes

                                    Returns & Changes


Please note that product returns are not eligible for refund unless you purchase products of equal value and this does not include products that the law excludes from the right of withdrawal, such as products that may be altered or corrupted,  for public health and safety reasons.

You may return the product or products you purchased and do not belong to the above categories within 14 days of the date of receipt, by e-mailing us:

You have the right to request the return of the product you received in the following cases:

1. You received a defective product

2. You have received a different product from what you ordered at our own fault. 


In this case, the product should not have been unpacked or used and it should have all the labels and stickers of the manufacturer.
 Also, if you ordered a different product from what you wanted, any change would be charged for shipping costs.
 To return part or all of your order, please contact us at 2374042580  .