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Lavazza Ricco 100 capsules

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Lavazza Ricco 100 capsules

In time, Lavazza has taken an innovative solution - round Lavazza Blue. Carefully selected varieties of coffee beans packed in an ideally closed capsule, providing excellent flavor and aroma. Lavazza Blue Espresso Ricco is a combination of two types of coffee - 40% of the mixture is Brazilian Arabic and the other 60% Robusta comes from Asia. The result is a fleshy and aromatic coffee with delicate chocolate flavors, garnished with high density, high density foam.

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Type: Capsule Ingredients: 40% Arabica 60% Robusta Intensity: 9/10 Sweetness: 7/10 Cream: 10/10 Caffeine Content: 9/10 Methods of Preparation: Espresso: 9/10 Black Coffee: 9/10 Cappuccino : 7/10 Late: 7/10 Mokka: 7/10 Automatic machines: 10/10