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Lavazza Tierra 100 capsules

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Lavazza Tierra 100 capsules

In time, Lavazza has taken an innovative solution - round Lavazza Blue.

Carefully selected varieties of coffee beans packed in an ideally closed capsule, providing excellent flavor and aroma.

Lavazza Blue Tierra is a high quality 100% Arabica with a distinctive sweet flavor.

Made from blends of coffee grown by selected manufacturers in Honduras, Peru and Colombia.

The Lavazza Blue Tierra package is the Rainforest Alliance logo - this is a sign that Lavazza Blue Tierra is recognized by a non-governmental organization that has been producing coffee for many years in accordance with sustainable development principles.

Tierra means Earth, the planet to which we are all, and for which we must care and defend.

The taste of this coffee will amaze you and will make you remember where and how it is produced.

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Type: Capsule Types of Ingredients: 100% Arabica Intensity: 8/10 Sweetness: 7/10 Cream: 7/10 Caffeine Content: 3/10 Methods of Preparation: Espresso: 10/10 Black Coffee: 8/10 Cappuccino: 10 Late: 8/10 Mokka: 8/10 Automatic machines: 10/10